Russia's War Against Ukraine

Russia has recently intensified its push  to capture all of the eastern industrial heartland of the donbas where Bakhmut is located. 

Damaged properties and piles of debris were seen and explosions were heard in the city amid the fighting.

For the past few months Russian forces have fought fierce house-to-house battles trying to encircle bakhmut and push deeper into the Donetsk region. 

While in Kharkiv region Ukrainian servicemen remained upbeat despite attempts by russian forces to advance their positions.

A member of the 92nd brigade explained that the Russians had focused their efforts on breaking through Ukrainian lines in the Kupiansk area.

But the fighters there said they are not worried as the Russians worked "chaotically". And troops were about to rotate back into a frontline position. 

Not far from Kupiansk, civilians in Zelene Village waited for humanitarian aid  while the loud booms of explosions echoed in the background. 

Residents there were worried about a possible attack soon as the village lies only about 10 kilometers  from the frontline.