FIFA Cancels U-20 World Cup Drawing

Indonesia's national football association, PSSI informed that FIFA has canceled the U20 World Cup Drawing in Bali this month although the global football federation has yet to send an official letter to PSSI about it. 

Member of the PSSI Executive Committee, Arya Sinulingga disclosed the information during a press conference at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Sunday.  

According to Arya, the drawing event for the U20 world cup was scheduled to take place in Bali on March 31. However, Bali provincial government has expressed its refusal of welcoming Israel's national team which led to that part of the event being canceled.

Arya Sinulingga mentioned that the association understood that it is hard to separate politics from sports. Hence the head of PSSI, Erick Thohir will work with the foreign affairs minister to handle the aspects of diplomacy and foreign affairs as well as with the youth and sports ministry as the host of the U20 world cup he pointed out.

He also said that Thohir would report the latest situation to President Joko Widodo so they can work to resolve the issues. Thohir also expected to communicate with FIFA to seek for the best solution Sinulingga mentioned. 

He affirmed that PSSI has talked to the Bali administration about the decision. However, PSSI respects the province's decision.

This issue could put Indonesia at risk of being sanctioned by FIFA he said, because Indonesia has already offered itself to host the competition thus it is committed to bearing all the consequences that come with it Sinulingga explained. 

He stressed that if Indonesia fails to meet the expectations then it has already violated the agreements which have been made.