Amnesty International on Ukraine War

Human rights organization, Amnesty International says, the international solidarity shown to the people of Ukraine should be a blueprint for global conflicts, not the exception.

In its annual report released on Tuesday, Amnesty International highlighted the weak response shown to conflicts in Ethiopia, Yemen or Afghanistan compared to that shown to Ukraine.

Speaking during a new conference in Paris on Monday the organisation’s secretary general, Agnès Callamard condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

She said there was a "double standard" in the world’s response to conflict and that the international community had yet to help people affected by violence elsewhere with the same energy.

In its report Amnesty International also said police violence against protesters and laws against protests were on the rise globally.

When asked about the current situation in France regarding pension plan, Jean-Claude Samouiller, Head of Amnesty International in France said there could be no comparison between what protesters experience in countries such as Iran or the Palestinian territories.