Saudi Arabia Network Association & Media Group on Future Cooperations

Top officials of Media Group Network (NGN) lead by CEO Mohammad Mirdal Akib have a friendly meeting with new Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Indonesia Faizal bin Abdullah Al Amudi in Jakarta to discuss future cooperations.

In the meeting Ambassador Faizal explained some of his plan to boost cooperation with Indonesian government and civil society including to promote the new image of Saudi Arabia for Indonesians.

Mostly Indonesians only understand Saudi as a holy land and only for muslims to do religious duty of hajj pilgrim and religious trip of umrah as there are a lot of aspects in Saudi that can be explored by Indonesians including vary cultural and historical aspects.

Saudi is expecting to boost economic cooperations with Indonesia such as in fisheries he said.

Meanwhile in the occossion MGN's CEO offered further cooperations to support the idea by introducing other sides of the country to Indonesians.

Mirdal was accompanied editor in chief of MetroTv Budianto Editor in Chief of  Indra Maulana, news director of Media Indonesia, Ade Alawi and sales and marketing director of MetroTv Menik Andini.