17 Years Old Man Rescued After Trapped for 94 Hours Under Rubble in Turkiye

Search and rescue workers cried out in joy after pulling a 17-year-old who had been trapped for 94 hours out from under the rubble in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, Friday (10/2/2023). Adnan Muhammed Korkut was freed after becoming stuck under debris following Monday's devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake and powerful aftershocks.

Korkut's mother, Buket Pakize was overjoyed her son was rescued alive and thanked the security forces and the rescue teams for their efforts. One rescue worker, Yasemin said she had spent the past four days trying to help rescue the teenager and had not slept.

Speaking to a reporter from the private news agency iha, Korkut said he had survived over the past four days by drinking his own urine and waiting for help to arrive. 

He told he was trapped in a basement floor of an apartment building and had room to move around. As excavators started to dig down to look for survivors, he said he panicked and moved. Workers then stopped the excavations after hearing his movements.