Perry Warjiyo Appointed as Bank Indonesia Governor for Second Term

Perry Warjiyo has once again been named the Governor of Bank Indonesia, for the period between 2023 to 2028. Mister Warjiyo first began serving as the Indonesian Central Bank Governor in 2018 and has been viewed as succesful in guiding Indonesia through the hardships of the pandemic.

Commission Eleven of the Indonesian house of representatives have by acclamation, once again appointed Perry Warjiyo as the Governor of Bank Indonesia, for the period between 2023 to 2028.

Mister Warjiyo will continue his role, after first being appointed in 2018.

The Head of The House's Commission Eleven Kahar Muzakir said, that Perry Warjiyo has been competent and succesful in drawing up effective monetary policies, that have guided Indonesia through the hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Perry Warjiyo was the sole candidate named by President Joko Widodo for the role of Bank Indonesia Governor.

During his fit and proper test on Monday (20/3/2023), Perry emphasized the importance of strengthening synergy between the central bank, government and related agencies. To strengthen Indonesia's economy and face all the challenges that lay ahead.

For his second term as governor, Perry Warjiyo has prepared seven main strategies, including strengthening policy mixes, accelerating the digitalization of payment systems.

Developing green economy funding. Synergizing with the government and related partners for downstreaming financing and strengthening international cooperation.

Before serving as governor, he was the Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia from 2013 to 2018. Perry also previously served as the assistant Governor for Monetary, macroprudential and international policies and also served as the Executive Director of The Department of Economic Research and Monetary Policy at Bank Indonesia.