President Jokowi Wants to Boost Car Exports

President Joko Widodo is inviting all from the automotive industry to boost export considering the fast growth of car sales in Indonesia, president jokowi also reminded players in the industry to pay attention and follow electric vehicle trends .

During the Indonesia International Motor Show 2023 held in Jakarta, President Jokowi said the year on year growth of the automotive industry is quite significant. In 2022 the industry grew 18 percent compared to the previous year. Car sales in 2022 recorded 1 million 48 thousand units and motorcycle sales recorded at 5 million 221 thousand units in 2 thousand 22 a 3 percent growth . And thus in tandem worsened traffic and congestion problems in many big cities in Indonesia.

Which is why President Widodo is asking all players in the automotive industry to orient their focus on export and to explore where the automotive industry trend is headed which is toward electric vehicles.