Indonesian Finance Minister Clarifies IDR349 Trillion Suspicious Transactions

In a meeting with the house of representatives commission eleven, Indonesia's Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani has clarified the Ministry's Chronology and Actions Taken against the Rp349 trillion suspicious transactions surrounding the finance ministry. Minister Sri Mulyani affirmed that Rp3,3 trillion of those suspicious transactions involved finance ministry officials.

On Monday the 27th of March, Indonesia's Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani heeded calls by the house of representatives and gave her ministry's version regarding the Rp349 trillion of suspicious transactions surrounding the finance ministry.

Those suspicious transactions were previously reported by the PPATK a government body responsible for auditing financials and eradicating money laundering.

In the minister's clarifications to the house's commission eleven, she explained that out of the 300 reports filed by the PPATK.

100 reports have already been handed over to law enforcement with transactions valued at Rp74 trillion. Meanwhile, 200 reports regarding the ministry of finance reported suspicious transactions worth Rp275 trillion.

However, 139 of those reports or investigations were actually done at the request of the ministry.

According to Sri Mulyani, Rp22 trillion of suspicious transactions involved the finance ministry and individuals and companies tied with the ministry.

Rp3,3 trillion of suspicious transactions were directly tied to finance ministry employees, while Rp18,7 trillion involved corporations.