Malaysia & Indonesia Delegation Discuss Palm Oil Issue with EU

Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commodities Dato Sri Haji Fadilah confirmed that Malaysia will not ban exports of palm oil to the European Union. Instead, both Malaysian and Indonesian delegates will head to Europe to hold discussions with European Union officials.

The Delegation to Europe was confirmed following a bilateral ministerial meeting held between Malaysia's deputy prime minister and Indonesia's coordinating minister for economic affairs Airlangga Hartarto in Jakarta, Thursday (9/2/2023).

The meeting focused on forming a joint strategy to approach the European union on the issue of palm oil. 

The European Union has imposed what Indonesia and Malaysia deem as restrictive trade regulations against palm oil. The most recent is the EU's anti-deforestation law, which requires palm oil companies to prove their sustainability standards by providing precise geographical information, or they will face penalties.

Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Dato Sri Haji Fadilah said that his previous statement regarding a possible palm oil export ban was only made as a response to EU statements as Indonesia and Malaysia will first attempt to approach the EU through diplomatic means.