Russia Said They're Ready for Peace Negotiations

On Friday, the Russian armed forces launched a covert attack on the critically important energy facilities of Ukraine's military-industrial complex. While Ukraine claimed its armed force had shot down a Russian SU-25 Fighter Jet.

The massive strike hit the facilities which ensure energy security for Ukraine's military-industrial enterprises, the Russian Defense Ministry said, in a briefing released on Saturday. On the same day, Ukraine announced that its air force launched multiple strikes on areas of concentration of Russian personnel and military weaponry, targeting also Russian air defense system positions.

In an interview with Russia's red star tv station, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Vershinin said his country is ready for peace negotiations with Ukraine with no precondition and they should take into account the current realities.

Starting from next week, Germany will start training Ukrainian soldiers to operate and maintain the Leopard 2 tanks, according to German media reports. The training will take place in Germany and last six to eight weeks.

If everything goes according to plan, the first batch of Ukraine's trained soldiers will return to the front lines with the leopard 2 tanks by the end of March.