Pertamina Gas Builds Household Gas Network

The Indonesian Natural Gas Transportation and Distribution Company, Pertamina Gas Negara plans to add household gas pipelines and is targeting residential areas as well as commercial areas in South Tangerang in Banten.

The Head of The Gas Project, Agung Kusbiantoro said that the addition of household gas networks was carried out by the development of backbone pipes and the distribution of pipes that stretch over 352 kilometers in the binary area in South Tangerang. The gas network pipeline plans to reach 35 thousand households at 38 commercial points to supply 203 people.

For the initial stage a 36 kilometer gas pipeline network will be built and is targeted for completion by June 2023.

Previously Pertamina Gas Negara has built a gas network in Yogyakarta with as many as 12 thousand 900 household connections in the Sleman district and Yogyakarta city areas.