Indonesian Composite Index Down by 0,27 Percent

Now let's take a look at the Indonesian stock market today on Thursday, the Indonesian composite index was down by 0,27 percent. 

The IDX composite fell as major stocks in sectors such as health, non-primary consumer, financial and basic materials slipped. However, the technology sector strengthened alongside infrastructure.

Now moving on to the top gainers today. They were Adi Sarana Armada, Autopedia Sukses Lestari and PAM Mineral. And now the top losers were Jasa Berdikari Logistics, Gaya Abadi Sempurna, and Andalan Sakti Primaindo. 

Meanwhile, the rupiah gained 0,31 percent, strengthening against the dollar to 15 thousand 159 rupiahs. Now let's move on to commodity prices, with oil was up 0,48 percent to 78.97 dollars, while brent also up by 0,32 percent to 85.65 dollars.

Oil markets edge up as markets shrug off US inventory surge. Moving onto gold, which was also up by 0,21 percent as the dollar eases.