104 Indonesians Evacuated from Impacted Areas to Ankara

Indonesian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday (7/2/2023) said, at least 104 Indonesian citizens have been evacuated from the earthquake impacted areas to Turkiye's Capital, Ankara.

According to Indonesian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Teuku Faizasyah in a virtual press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/2/2023) the Indonesian victims have been evacuated from Gaziantep, Kahramanmara, Adana, Hatay and Diyarbakr.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to Turkiye Muhammad Iqbal said, the Indonesian team in Ankara was on the way to Gaziantep Province and other four locations to evacuate 104 Indonesian citizens.

They had to be immediately evacuated to the Turkish capital since they no longer have a decent place to live in. In addition, the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara has also evacuated other Indonesian victims, who were injured due to the earthquake.