President Jokowi Visits Papua

President joko widodo is now in papua on his official visit. President Joko Widodo and entourage arrived on Monday (20/1/2023) evening local time and held a series of meetings, including on Monday evening, in which hostage Susi Air pilot was in the discussion topics.

According to President Jokowi upon his arrival to Papua, he had led an internal meeting to dicuss a number of issues, including about hostage Susi Air pilot, New Zealand national, Captain Philiph Mertens.

President Jokowi said, Mertens safety is the most important thing in conducting rescue operation. Mertens was kidnapped and hostage by a criminal armed group in Papua, more than one month ago, after the light cargo plane operated by Susi Air was burnt by the group following its landing in an airport in Nduga.

Mertens in his last appearance in a video, sending by a criminal armed group stated as he was ordered  by the group, to call all foreign pilots to fly over Papua's skies until its freedom.