China-Russia Relations

Russian President Vladimir Putin gushed about China's economic success as he welcomed his Chinese Counterpart Xi Jinping to the Kremlin on tuesday (21/3/2023), or on second day of Chinese Leader's visit. Xi is in Russia for a three-day visit.

That was more than idle flattery. China isn't just Moscow's diplomatic partner in opposing what they see as US Domination of Global Affairs. 

Its thriving economy is the biggest buyer of Russian oil and gas exports, pumping billions of dollars into Putin's treasury and helping the kremlin resist western sanctions over its special operation in Ukraine.

Putin welcomes the lifeline, but that reliance is accelerating Russia’s slide into the junior role in an uneasy relationship with Xi’s government.

Beijing has ambitions that diverge from Moscow's and sometimes conflict. 

Xi's trip, his first abroad since his re-election earlier this month showed off Beijing's new diplomatic swagger and gave a political lift to Putin, just days after an international arrest warrant was issued for the Kremlin Leader on war crimes charges related to Ukraine.

Earlier today Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping on his reelection and hailed a new era for Russia-China relations. 

Mishustin said, Xi and Russian President Vladmir Putin will talk about medium-term cooperation and make "important decisions" to be followed by both sides. China and Russia have described Xi's trip as an opportunity to deepen their no-limits friendship.