Survivor Found in Hatay, 261 Hours After Quake

More than 10 days after a powerful earthquake struck Turkiye and Syria, rescuers have overnight pulled out a child, a woman and two men alive from the wreckage. Footage via Turkish Broadcaster Iha, shows survivor mustafa avci being rescued from under the rubble in the Turkish city of hate after 261 hours.

Avci's brother was elated to discover the survival of his brother, nearly two weeks after the quake, as the two siblings were seen speaking on the phone. The latest rescues came as crews began clearing up debris in Turkish cities, devastated by the 7,8 magnitude earthquake.

Separately, a 29-year old mother was also rescued from the rubble in Kahraman-maras after being trapped for 258 hours. in the city of Antakaya, rescue crews found a 12-year-old child alive after retrieving 17 bodies from a collapsed building, 260 hours after the quake.

The Turkish disaster management agency has updated the death toll in Turkiye to 38,044, raising the overall number of fatalities in both turkiye and Syria to 41,732.