Korean Peninsula Tensions

In Korean Peninsula, military tensions are at a high point, as the pace of both North Korean weapons tests, and US-South Korean joint military exercises, has accelerated in the past year in a cycle of tit-for-tat responses. 

North Korean state television early on Friday (24/3/2023), showed images of missile launches, reporting that they took place earlier this week from 21-23 March. 

That coincides with the last time South Korean authorities said they detected the north launching missiles.

The korean central news agency said, Pyongyang launched four "Strategic Cruise Missiles" and also deployed an "Underwater Nuclear Attack Drone." 

It also reported,  that Leader Kim Jong Un said, the drills showed that Pyongyang's "Nuclear war deterrence capability is being bolstered up at a greater speed."

South Korea's Air Force released details of a five-day joint aerial drill with the United States,  hours after North Korea claimed it had tested a nuclear-capable underwater drone, designed to generate a gigantic radioactive tsunami,  that would destroy naval strike groups and ports.

The five-day joint drill with the United States began monday and concluded friday above waters off South Korea's western coast and included live-fire demonstrations of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

The air force said the exercise involved various South Korean fighter jets and at least one US. A-10 attack plane.