Israeli Police Raid Palestinian Muslims at Al-Aqsa

Israeli police raided Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City early Wednesday and attacked Palestinian worshippers raising fears of wider tensions as Islamic and Jewish holidays overlap. 

It was not immediately clear what sparked the violence. But the Israeli police said it used force to evacuate worshippers who were holed up at the mosque, with fireworks, rocks, and sticks. 

They added that an officer was injured in his leg by a stone and that dozens of “rioters” were arrested. 

The incidents sparked a wave of Palestinian protests, condemnations and violence.

Tension has already been high in East Jerusalem and the west bank for months.

Argentina's National Soccer Honored Conmebol

Argentina's National Soccer was honored at a special ceremony at the Conmebol headquarters in asunción, Paraguay on Monday.

Authorities from the regional soccer body held a ceremony to honor the Argentine Captain Lionel Messi and the entire squad after they won the World Cup.

The event took place prior to the draw for the group stage of Libertadores and Sudamericana tournaments the regional top-tier marquee club competitions.

The tributes continue to pour in for Messi as South American Football's governing body presented Messi with a waxwork statue, which will be placed in the Conmebol Museum next to those of legendary players, Pele and Diego Maradona. 

The 35 year old player Argentine also received replicas of he world cup and the finalissima trophy, which Argentina won against Italy during the ceremony before the Copa Libertadores draw.

South Korean Actor Yoo Ah-in Questioned Over Illegal Drug Use

South Korean Actor Yoo Ah-In comments after police questioning over illegal drug use, while Korean Rockstar Løren on performing in the US producing for Blackpink and his debut EP 'put up a fight'.

Amnesty International on Ukraine War

Human rights organization, Amnesty International says, the international solidarity shown to the people of Ukraine should be a blueprint for global conflicts, not the exception.

In its annual report released on Tuesday, Amnesty International highlighted the weak response shown to conflicts in Ethiopia, Yemen or Afghanistan compared to that shown to Ukraine.

Speaking during a new conference in Paris on Monday the organisation’s secretary general, Agnès Callamard condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

She said there was a "double standard" in the world’s response to conflict and that the international community had yet to help people affected by violence elsewhere with the same energy.

In its report Amnesty International also said police violence against protesters and laws against protests were on the rise globally.

When asked about the current situation in France regarding pension plan, Jean-Claude Samouiller, Head of Amnesty International in France said there could be no comparison between what protesters experience in countries such as Iran or the Palestinian territories.

France Pension Reform Protest

A strike by Paris Garbage collectors over President Emmanuel Macron's decision to raise the retirement age without a parliamentary vote is taking a toll on the renowned aesthetics of the French Capital. Garbage and piles of it are still growing daily, despite authorities ordering the unblocking of collection trucks.

Polls show a majority of french oppose macron's decision to raise the retirement age by two years from 62-64 for most and from 57-59 for garbage collectors. But Neither Unions organising protests nor some citizens are prepared to back down.

On Monday protesters tried to block the depot of garbage trucks on the outskirts of Paris to prevent them heading out for collections.

The minimal service has enabled some collection, but trucks are full long before a proper clean-up. Critics accuse Macron of effectively ruling by decree likening him to France's kings of old.

French protesters marched along railway lines in Paris on Tuesday, in the 10th day of union-coordinated action against the government's pension reforms. 

Striking workers waving burning flares invaded and blocked train tracks serving one of Paris's main railway stations gare de lyon. Peaceful marches were also getting underway in other cities.

Belgium Ambassador to Indonesia Visit MGN

In a media visit to Media Group Network, Belgium Ambassador to Indonesia, his excellency Frank Felix says, media co-operation between Media Group and Belgium channels is extremely importan

FIFA Cancels U-20 World Cup Drawing

Indonesia's national football association, PSSI informed that FIFA has canceled the U20 World Cup Drawing in Bali this month although the global football federation has yet to send an official letter to PSSI about it. 

Member of the PSSI Executive Committee, Arya Sinulingga disclosed the information during a press conference at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Sunday.  

According to Arya, the drawing event for the U20 world cup was scheduled to take place in Bali on March 31. However, Bali provincial government has expressed its refusal of welcoming Israel's national team which led to that part of the event being canceled.

Arya Sinulingga mentioned that the association understood that it is hard to separate politics from sports. Hence the head of PSSI, Erick Thohir will work with the foreign affairs minister to handle the aspects of diplomacy and foreign affairs as well as with the youth and sports ministry as the host of the U20 world cup he pointed out.

He also said that Thohir would report the latest situation to President Joko Widodo so they can work to resolve the issues. Thohir also expected to communicate with FIFA to seek for the best solution Sinulingga mentioned. 

He affirmed that PSSI has talked to the Bali administration about the decision. However, PSSI respects the province's decision.

This issue could put Indonesia at risk of being sanctioned by FIFA he said, because Indonesia has already offered itself to host the competition thus it is committed to bearing all the consequences that come with it Sinulingga explained. 

He stressed that if Indonesia fails to meet the expectations then it has already violated the agreements which have been made.