3 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Army Raids

Conflict between Israeli forces and Palestinians continues in West Bank. Currently three Palestinians were shot dead when Israeli stepped up raids in Jenin. Mourners gathered on Thursday for the funeral of three Palestinians killed during an Israeli army raid in Jenin West Bank. 

The Palestinian health ministry identified the three men as 46 years old atta Shalabi 29 yeras old tarek Al-Damj and 29 years old Sedki Zakarneh.

Israeli military said it was carrying out an arrest raid in the flashpoint city of Jenin when forces came under fire and then responded with live fire. Official Palestinian news agency, wafa, reported that confrontations and violent clashes erupted between residents of jenin and israeli forces early Thursday. 

It was not immediately clear if they were affiliated with a militant group. But Jenin and its adjacent refugee camp are a stronghold for palestinian militants.

Indonesia's Bombing Aftermath

A day after a sucide bomber blew himself at Astana Anyar Police office in Bandung, Indonesia police have questioned at least 18 people including the bomber parents and public activities have retuned normal. A number of police personnel are guarding the area around the bomb site. Although police line is still place in around the crime scene but the street is now can be passed by public as usual.

Two people were killed the suicide bomber and a police officer while ten  others were injured including a civilian due to Yesterday's explosion. Aaccording to police the bomber carried three bombs but only managed to detonate one of them, two others were later disposed by police' bomb squad unit.

Boy Rafly Amar head of Indonesia's National Terrorism Mitigation Agency BNPT was inspected the bomb scene Thursday. During his inspection Boy warned police to escalate their security at all facilities considering police become one of terrorists main targets.

According to the official terrorists consider police as a threat that will disrupt them from achieving their terror purposes.

The suicide bomber who has died instantly at the scene was a terrorism recidivist who served four years of jail term for his involvement at cicendo bombing in West Java. According to police the bomber was released from the country's maximum security island prison on Nusa Kambangan Island in last year.

Jepan's Fans Welcome The Team With Proud

Hundreds of Japanese soccer fans flocked to Tokyo's Narita International Airport to greet their national team as they returned from the world cup in Qatar. Tthough Japan was eliminated in the round of 16 but their fans still proud of the team's achievement.

Japan National Football Team returned home on Wednesday. Samurai Blue Manafer Hajime Moriyasu and Captain Maya Yoshida, Alongside other players such as ritsu Doan and Junya Ito were welcomed back by a huge crowd at the airport in chiba prefecture.
Some of Japan's Europe based players have returned tho their clubs. Japan having surprised the world with group stage wins over germany and spain eventually exiting in the round of 16 on penalties to croatia.

Meanwhile Spain's National squad touched in Madrid on Wednesday after crashing out of the World Cup to Morocco 3-0 in a penalty shootout. The teams were deadlocked at 1-0 following regulation and extra time in their last-16 match.

It is now 10 years since spain won their last major trophy and they have failed to progress past the last 16 since they won the World Cup in 2010. Head coach luis enrique has insisted that it is too early to make a decision over his future.

First Ice Festival in Madrid Opens

Spain has launched the first ice festival an international competition featuring some of the world’s best ice sculptures in Madrid with visitors praising the displays on Monday.

A total of twelve teams competed in the competition with sculptors taking part from ten different countries, including Canada, The United States Japan, Italy, and France, and the teams had seven days to finish their work.

Over one hundred tons of ice was used in the production of the sculptures which are kept frozen in a specially designed room. The winning exhibition was the Canadian entry by Julian Dore and Jean Francois Gauthier called invasion of dimensions.

With the melting of the sculpture inevitable, the exhibition's commissioner and winner of the 20-14 tournament Juan Carlo Arellano described it as a reflection of reality.

5 Days Before Indonesia President's Youngest Son's Wedding

Five days before his wedding president Joko Widodo's youngest son Kaesang Pangarep attended a dress rehearsal for the traditional ceremony at the Pendopo Agung or great hall at the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel in Yogyakarta.

This dress rehearsal will be the guideline for the ceremony taking place next Saturday. The rehearsal included the arrival of guests the arrival of the groom and his entourage the recital of marriage vows between the groom and the father of the bride according to Islam up to the ceremony where the couple first meet each other continued with the exchange of rings.
Kaesang wore the traditional material with the Sido Asih motif and the traditional weapon known as keris. However, this is not the wedding attire that he will wear next Saturday. The bride-to-be Erina was also not present.

According to Javanese tradition, the couple will not meet until the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony of Kaseang and Erina will apply the traditional Yogyakarta custom.

Egg Price Rises Towards The End Of Year

In anticipation of Christmas and new years celebrations, a number of food commodities in a traditional market located in Semarang Central Java is experiencing a price increase. Price of chicken eggs have risen quite drastically in comparison to other essential goods.

In Bandarjo Ungaran traditional market in Semarang price of chicken eggs went up to 30 thousand rupiahs per kilogram when they used to be just around 26 thousand rupiahs per kilogram previously. 

The increase of prices in eggs especially is thought to be driven by the amount of customers buying eggs to bake Christmas cakes. Other than that the decreasing supply of chicken eggs from suppliers are a major factor in driving up the market prices. A lot of sellers are predicting that chicken eggs will continue to experience price increases in the countdown to Christmas.

34 Killed as Mudslide Swallows Bus in Colombia

A mudslide unleashed by torrential rain buried a bus and affected two other vehicles on a highway central Colombia killing at least 34 people. In a statement, the national disaster risk management unit said, eight children were among the dead.

The mudslide Sunday divided a highway in two in the town of Pueblo Rico in the district of Risaralda. There were thirty-three people aboard the bus which was buried in two meters of mud and earth and a car with six passengers and a motorcycle with two people were also affected.

More than seventy search-and-rescue workers using backhoes and other equipment tried to reach survivors but they ended their search Monday afternoon after twenty-four hours. According to Colombia's national emergency management agency, the town had been under a mudslide threat due to heavy rains caused by the La Nina weather phenomenon.