Singapore Finance Minister Visits C. Java & Indonesia - Timor Leste Relations

The Governor Of Indonesia's Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo,  received a visit from Singapore's Finance Minister, as the pair discussed Singaporean investments and cooperations, within Central Java Province. Meanwhile, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is sending coordinating Minister For Political, Legal , and Security Affairs, Mahfud Mahmodin, to Timor Leste, to attend inauguration of the country's elected President.

Texas Prisoner Escape & U.S ‘Racial’ Mass Shooting

Authorities in the US’ State of Texas on Monday issued a new plea for information, to find a convicted murderer  Gonzalo Lopez, who escaped from a transport bus and stabbed that vehicle's driver. Meanwhile, a community mourns the 10 people, who were killed on a Saturday afternoon, in Buffalo New York, when a lone gunman opened fire at a supermarket, in a predominantly black neighbourhood.

California Church Shooting Victim & Taiwanese U.S Church Shooting Reaction

A victim in a deadly attack at a Church in Southern California hailed as hero, as he attempted to disarm the gunman, who has been identified as a Chinese immigrant and U.S citizen. Meanwhile, during a briefing in Taipei, taiwan Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Joann Ou said, President, Tsai Ing-Wen, expressed concern on Tuesday over a shooting at a Taiwanese Church in California, and sent her sincere condolences to the victims of overseas taiwanese and their relatives. 

Sanctions Against Russia & Indo-Pacific Tensions

Russian President , Vladimir Putin has said , sanctions imposed on Russia by the west  could lead to a Global crisis, and negatively affect their own economies. Meanwhile, Australia's Defense Minister, Peter Dutton said , a Chinese warship named Haiwangxing, had ventured the nation's Western coastline, in what amounted to be an "aggressive act". It is a Dongdiao class warship with spying capabilities.

President Widodo Meets U.S Business Leaders & ASEAN - U.S. Special Summit

From the ASEAN-U.S Special Summit. Indonesian President Joko widodo invited U.S Companies to invest in Indonesia, as he lauded Indonesia's large business potential  and its rich natural resources. Meanwhile, in the meantime Indonesian President Joko Widodo sees G20 can speed up Global economy recovery, despite growing tensions in the Indo-Pacific region, and ongoing war in Ukraine that have disrupted global economy.

Hong Kong Catholic Cardinal Arrested & Colombia Presidential Candidate Rally

A 90-year-old Roman Catholic Cardinal, a singer, and two others, have been arrested in Hong Kong, on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces, to endanger China's national security. Meanwhile, Colombian Presidential election frontrunner, Gustavo Petro, held a rally in Fusagasugá on Wednesday, with hundreds of his supporters, promising to put "the people" into power.

Palestinian Journalist Memorial Ceremony

The body of Al Jazeera Journalist , Shireen Abu Akleh , arrived at the presidential compound in Ramallah on Thursday , when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to take part in a memorial ceremony.