Finland, Sweden Aim For NATO Membership

Finland and Sweden Aim for NATO membership, both countries say Russia's nuclear threats require collective self-defense, upending decades of nonaligned status.

Philippines’ Presidential Elections & Saudi’s King Salman Hospitalised

Ferdinand Marcos Junior claimed victory in this week's presidential elections and faced early calls to ensure respect for human rights, the rule of law and democracy. 

Philippines Election Unofficial Results

Philippines Presidential candidate Marcos Junior, appeared to have led in vote counting , by Parish Pastoral Council For Responsible Voting, or PPCRV , in Manila. Marcos junior had more than 30 point 5 million votes , in the unofficial results, with more than 96 percent of the votes tabulated overnight, after Monday’s election.

Philippines’ Presidential Election

Outgoing Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, cast his vote on Monday's election at his home Province Of Davao City, Philippines.  Stepping down in June, Duterte expressed his gratitude toward all people of Davao. 

Cooking Oil Smuggling & Indonesia Discovers ‘Unusual’ Hepatitis Cases

An Indonesian navy seizes a foreign-flag cargo ship, carrying cooking oils on Buoy Satu Waters, North Sumatera. Ship crews have been detained for further investigation but their nationally have yet announced. Meanwhile, following the discover of unusual and acute Hepatitis cases in children in Indonesia’s Capital, the Health Ministry and the Jakarta provincial Health Department plan to do contact tracings.

ASEAN Meeting On Myanmar & Philippines’ Presidential Election

Representatives from South East Asia Bloc (ASEAN) are eyeing the latest condition in Myanmar and planning a humanitarian effort in order to resolve conflicts in Myanmar begun since its military seized power from elected democracy leader in February last year. Meanwhile, in the most recent poll released one week before Monday’s election, Marcos Junior and Sara Duterte each had about 55% support in Philippines Presidential election.

India - France Bilateral Meeting & Iran - Venezuela Bilateral Relations

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in France, after visiting Germany and Denmark on his European trip. Meanwhile, Venezuela President, Nicolas Maduro and high-ranking officials from the South American Nation have met Iran's Oil Minister to discuss cooperation in energy matters.