Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Reunite for the Action Comedy Murder Mystery 2

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This week's box office report while
-The US army pulls recruiting ads after actor Jonathan Majors' arrest. 
- Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reunite for the action comedy sequel "Murder Mystery 2".

Box Office Report in China to Support Foreign Business

China’s minister of commerce on Sunday said his country would remain committed to opening up and be supportive of foreign businesses in China.

At a session of the China development forum, Wang Wentao, China’s minister of commerce said China will stick to the national policy of opening up and creating new opportunities for global development with China’s efforts towards modernization. 

Wang listed measures including reducing restrictions on foreign investment and aligning with international economic and trade rules and promised to protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign businesses in China.

The world’s second-largest economy is dealing with a flagging economy after exiting the draconian zero covid policy at the end of last year.

GDP growth stood at only 3% last year the second-weakest level since at least the 1970s putting the ruling communist party under exceptional pressure to revitalize the economy.

Floods Hit Iraq

Heavy rains flooded the streets of Najaf in southern Iraq on Sunday. Cars shops and workplaces were submerged in water because of the unexpected downpour.

Several families were forced to leave their homes in the al ameer neighborhood which was worst hit by the flood. 

No casualties have been reported so far due to the floods. 

Myanmar Armed Forces Day Commemorates Resistance to Japanese Occupiers in 1945

Myanmar’s military put on its annual show of strength on Monday with the country’s military chief told the assembled ranks that they would deal with those fighting their takeover once and for all.

As the sun rose massed formations of members of all branches of the services marched onto a huge parade ground in the capital Naypyidaw. 

They were backed by armored vehicles missiles and artillery and overflown by jet fighters and helicopters.

Myanmar armed forces day is the most prestigious event in the military’s calendar commemorating resistance to the Japanese occupiers in 1945. 

Weird Genius's Glorious is Official Song Of FIFA U-20 World Cup In Indonesia

The countdown to the FIFA U-20 World Cup Indonesia 2023 is now well and truly under way as Indonesian electronic trio Weird Genius, exciting Indonesian singers Lyodra, Tiara Andini, Ziva Magnolya and FIFA today unveiled a preview of Glorious, the official song that will provide the perfect audio backdrop for the tournament of tomorrow’s superstars.

Glorious, an uplifting and energetic track that embodies the essence of triumph and victory, will be the official audio track of the tournament and will accompany the energy, electricity and entertainment on show on the pitch. 

The teaser is available now on FIFA Plus as well as on FIFA and the artists’ social channels, with the full launch to follow on 31 March, the day of the tournament draw.

Weird Genius, rising stars within Asia, have accumulated more than 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube and regularly hit more than 1 million listeners on Spotify every month. Lyodra, Tiara Andini and Ziva Magnolya were the three finalists in season 10 of Indonesian Idol, and they are currently trending among the top young superstars in Indonesia.

Westminster Abbey Bares Mosaic Floor for Coronation

Visitors to London's Westminster Abbey will be allowed to stand for the first time on the exact spot where King Charles the Third will be crowned, though they will need to make sure they don't have holes in their socks for the shoeless tour, meant to protect the abbey's medieval mosaic floor.

The section of the church's floor known as the cosmati pavement where the coronation chair has been placed for some 700 years, will be on display during Charles' crowning ceremony.
The pavement was hidden under carpet and thus away from public view from the 1870s, until a two-year program of conservation work was completed by the abbey in 2010.

The intricate mosaic of marble, stone, glass and metal, located in front of the abbey's high altar, was commissioned by Henry the Third in the twelve hundreds and made by italian craftsmen and english masons.

It is where coronations have taken place ever since, but it was covered by carpet at many previous coronations, including those of Elizabeth the second in 1953, and her father's George the Sixth in 1937.

Sarajevo Celebrates the Beginning of Ramadan

The beginning of the month of Ramadan was made official with a traditional cannon shot at 18:05 from Sarajevo's "Uta Tabija" .

In recent years, the Ramadan top has become a real attraction, both for the people of Sarajevo and for numerous tourists. 

This year, the event was magnified by numerous children who, carrying balloons in their hands, enjoyed themselves together with others who watched the traditional cannon firing. 

After the cannon shot, the balloons were released into the air. This act was attended by officials, including the Mayor of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo. 

Muslims in Nigeria observed the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. 

After sunset prayers in Lagos, worshippers gathered for iftar, a meal accompanied by treats like candies and nuts. 

According to Islam, fasting draws the faithful closer to god and reminds them of the suffering of the poor.