Japan Typhoon & Aid For Pakistani Victims

Typhoon Muifa headed North, and away from Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, Japan but, heavy rain fall warnings with strong winds were still set in place on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Pakistani Army Rescue and relief teams on Monday, continued operations in various parts of Pakistan's Sindh Province, as the southern region remains one of the worst-affected areas from deadly monsoon floods.

Condolances Of Queen Elizabeth II Passing

From the question of condolence protocols, to debate on whether a country should be republic to step out from British Colonial past. Some countries hold a service of remembrance for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

'Historic Goodbye' To Queen Elizabeth II

On to the latest on the "Historic Goodbye" to the monarch, who had reigned for 70 years. A service of remembrance will be held for The Queen Elizabeth II, until the official state funeral at westminster abbey on September 19th. Meanwhile, 

Indonesia - Philippines Bilateral Relations&Israeli President Meets German Chancellor

Philippine Leader,  Ferdinand Marcos Junior affirmed deepening economic and security ties with Indonesia, during the first overseas trip of his presidency, while expressing concern about the persistent difficulties Southeast Asian nations have faced after pandemic.Meanwhile, in other parts of the globe, Israeli President visits Germany, and Bangladeshi Prime Minister arrive in New Delhi, India, to strenghten bilateral cooperation.

Vostok 2022 Joint Military Drills&Japan Monitoring Drills By Russia's Alliance

The Russian Defence Ministry released footage on Saturday from The Large-Scale Vostok 2022 joint military drills. Meanwhile, The Japanese Defense Ministry on Monday said , six Russian and Chinese Naval Vessels launched machine gun fire into The Sea Of Japan.

Japan Flooding & Gibraltar Fuel Leak

Residents Of The Japanese City Of Hamamatsu have been urged to evacuate on Friday,  after heavy rains caused the magome river to burst its banks, inundated some part of the city. Meanwhile a small amount of heavy fuel oil has leaked from a bulk carrier ship , near The Bay Of Gibraltar, but the leak is "fully under control.

Ukrainian President Address&Russia Defence Briefing

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday criticised what he said was the obstruction of independent media covering The UN visit to The Zaporizhzia Nuclear Power Plant. Meanwhile, Russia continued to accuse Ukraine of targeting the territory of The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant on Thursday, with The IAEA mission already at the scene.