Korea Peninsula Tensions

Seoul's Defence Ministry said that, South Korea and the United States held joint air drills over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday.

F-16 fighters and B-1 Bombers from the US air force as well as f-35a stealth fighters and f-15k jets from South Korean air force participated in the drills.

The joint aerial exercise came a day after North Korea fired a long-range missile from its capital into the sea off Japan.

In recent years the united states and South Korea had downsized or cancelled some of their major drills first to support the former Trump administration’s diplomatic efforts with Pyongyang and then because of covid-19.

But North Korea’s growing nuclear threats have raised the urgency for South Korea and Japan to strengthen their defence postures in line with their alliances with the US.

Moment of Silence Held Across UEFA Matches For Turkey Earthquake Victims

In a further show of European football's support for Turkiye and Syria, All UEFA Europa League matches observed a mom ent of silence, before kick-off in respect for victims of the earthquakes.

All UEFA Europa League matches on Thursday night, held a minute silence in a show of support victims of the eartquakes in Turkiye and Syria.

A minute silence was held before Barcelona against Manchester United in Spotify Camp Nou, Ajax versus Union Berlin in Amsterdam Arena. The moment of silence also held before kick-off in Red Bull Arena Salzburg, where FC Red Bull Salzburg againts AS Roma and before Shakhtar Donetsk versus Rennes in Warsaw, Poland.

Documentary Explores Solo Endeavors of BTS' J-Hope

New documentary 'J-Hope In The Box' explores the solo endeavors of bts' J-Hope while the Berlinale opening ceremony includes a video message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. And Bruce Willis has frontotemporal dementia.

UK Opposition Leader Visits Kyiv, Pledges Support

UK labour party leader, Keir Starmer on Thursday promised that, Britain's support for Ukraine would remain the same if he became prime minister.

Starmer made the comments during a visit to Kyiv, where he toured neighborhoods in the city. He visited irpin and bucha in the suburbs of the capital, where heavy fighting took place in the first months of the war and later met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

According to him, his visit to Ukraine made a clear message that support for Ukraine in the united kingdom is united.

Turkish Quake Victims Seek Refuge in Greenhouses

Nearly two weeks after a massive earthquake struck southern Turkiye, the government has initiated a colossal aid effort, but many displaced people are still struggling to fulfil basic needs such as a place to stay.

In Samandag and Sutasi, farming villages near hatay’s Mediterranean coast, residents fled their damaged homes to large polytunnel-style greenhouses used for growing tomatoes, bringing with them what bedding and cooking utensils they could salvage.

Locals said, around two thousand people were now living under the plastic covers.

The government says, at least fifty six thousand buildings are uninhabitable, either destroyed or too damaged for people to return to and listed for demolition following the February 6 quake.

The buildings contained more than two hundred twenty five thousand residences in a country, where most of the population lives in apartments.

There is no official figure for the number of people displaced in the disaster region, which is home to fourteen million people or sixteen percent of Turkiye’s population.

Boat With 71 Rohingya Refugees Land in Good Condition

A boat carrying 71 weak and hungry Rohingya muslims fleeing from refugee camps in Bangladesh,  landed Thursday in Indonesia's northernmost province of Aceh.

The 71 Rohingya on board included 21 women and 20 children. A Rohingya said two or three people died while they were at sea because of a lack of food. 

The leader of the tribal fishing community in Lampanah Leungah village in Aceh Besar district, where the boat landed said it was in good condition and the engine was working.

While, UNHCR representative in Indonesia said, until now there 309 Rohingya refugees in Aceh and they are stay at some shelters organized by local social department in aceh besar regency.  

Erick Thohir Elected Chairman of PSSI

Indonesia experienced its largest sports tragedy Kajuruhan Stampede in October last year, after a football match of the country's premier league, Liga 1.

The tragedy has forced the country to fix various elements in its football environment including in its football federation, which finally on Thursday elected its new chairman.