U.N' Xinjiang Report & China Denounces U.N' Xinjiang Report

U.N report says, 'serious human rights violations' have been committed in Xinjiang, under China’s policies to fight terrorism and extremism, which also singled out uyghurs and other predominantly muslim communities, between 2017 and 2019. Meanwhile, Beijing responded and denounced a long-delayed U.N report of xinjiang. Foreign Minister Spokesperson, Wang Wengbin accused that, the report  is a patchwork of false information, that serves as political tools for The U.S, and other western countries, to strategically use Xinjiang to contain China. 

Pakistan Floods

Officials in Pakistan raised concern,  over the spread of waterborne diseases among thousands of flood victims,  as waters from powerful monsoon rains, began to recede in many parts of the country.

Hong Kong Storm & Pakistan Flooding

A tropical storm was forecast to make landfall in Southern China later Thursday, after bringing rain and stiff winds to hong kong overnight. Meanwhile, after soaking much of Pakistan's Southwestern Balukhistan and Eastern Punjab Province, flash floods have now started to affect The Southern Sindh Province.

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak's Graft Case & Abe Shooting Police Chief

Jailed Malaysian Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak returned to court on Thursday for a second corruption trial, over the pilfering of the 1 Malaysia development berhad state fund, two days after he began a 12 year prison term for graft. Meanwhile, Japan's National Police Chief said Thursday, he will resign to take responsibility, over the fatal shooting of Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, at a campaign speech last month.


Kenya's Former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, is challenging the validity of the results of a closely fought election that saw his rival, William Ruto, declared president-elect. As the battle moves to Kenya's supreme court, political and legal experts weigh in on Odinga's claims of voter fraud.  Juma Majanga reports from Nairobi, Kenya.


The United States and South Korea are conducting their biggest combined military training in years , as the allies heighten their defense posture against the growing North Korean nuclear threat. Meanwhile, US Policy Researchers and Japanese Lawmakers are the latest visiting delegations, just weeks after China reacted to US house speaker, Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, by holding large-scale military exercises.

Biden Administration Strengthens Hostage Policy

Hostage negotiations are a delicate test in diplomacy and are handled at the highest levels of American Government. The Biden administration recently clarified its stance on this issue, but does this come in time for the release of several high-profile hostages held overseas?VOA's Anita Powell reports.