Newroz Celebration in Iraq

At least thousands of people celebrated newroz or the Persian new year. In the semi-autonomous, Kurdish region of Northern Iraq on Monday (20/3/2023).

Both men and women in the Northern Kurdish town of Akre, welcomed in the new year by lighting torches and climbing up a mountain for a fireworks display.

This festivity is celebrated by the Kurds in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, it symbolises the passing of the dark season and the arrival of the season of light or also known as the season of spring.

To the kurds, this festivity has political and cultural significance, amid their struggle to have their own autonomous nation.

The holiday, which dates back to at least 1700 b.c and incorporates ancient zoroastrian traditions is the most important event in the Iranian calendar and for Kurds in the region.

Assault Carrier USS America Docks in Manila

An american assault carrier, USS America, is docked in Manila for a four-day port visit after completing a bilateral exercise with Japan maritime self defense force.

USS America / is an amphibious assault ship that can accommodate more than 3,000 sailors and marines. It is schedule to leave Manila on Thursday (23/3/2023). 

Commanding officer of the USS America, Captain Shockey Synder said, this visit is part of a normal spring patrol that the ship does every year.

The USS America has completed 'Iron Fist' exercise, which lasted several weeks to increase interoperability between United States and Japan.

This is the first time that USS America has docked in Manila for rest and recreation. According to Captain Shockey Synder, there is no schedule engagement with the armed forces of the Philippines. 

Despites Controversy, The House Passes Jobs Creation Law

The Indonesian house of representatives passed the controversial jobs creation emergency law, Tuesday (21/3/2023). A bill that the government claims will help draw more investments into Indonesia.

The jobs creation emergency law has however, drawn criticism from many. Members of the PKS Party walked out of the plenary hearing, as the law was being passed.

Labor unions also strongly oppose it arguing it contains many articles that do not benefit workers. The articles on minimum wages for example, do not clarify what indexes can determine the value of minimum wages in each respective region, raising concerns over inaccurate calculations of minimum wages.

But in response, the Indonesian Government argue that the emergency law will help draw in more investors into Indonesia by providing more legal certainties on the business ecosystem. The government have created a special task force, that will explain the jobs creation law to the public.

Firefighters Battled a Massive Blaze at Church in Burlngton

Firefighters battled a massive blaze at a church in Burlington County, Southern, New Jersey, Monday (20/3/2023) night.

The flames broke out around 6 PM eastern daylight time Monday at the fountain of life center in florence township.

Officials believe, the blaze may have started in the sanctuary of the church.

No injuries were immediately reported so far due to the incident. Meanwhile, the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Haiti Clinch Historic First FWWC After 2-1 Defeat of Chile

Haiti have made FIFA Women's World Cup history by reaching the finals for the first time after defeating Chile 2-1 in an inter-continental playoff on Wednesday in auckland new Zealand.

Melchie Dumornay scored twice for Haiti which held on for the victory after Chile's maria rojas scored in stoppage time to cut the lead to a single goal.

Haiti ranked 55th in the world advance to join England Denmark and China in Group D at the Women's World Cup. 

The 2023 FIFA women's world cup will take place in Australia and New Zealand from july 20th to august 20th.