U.S - South Korea Launch Military Drills

The United States and South Korea on Monday, kicked off their biggest combined military training in years, as the allies heighten their defense posture against the growing North Korean nuclear threat.

Portugal Wildfires & California Plane Crash

A wildfire raging through pine forests in The Serra Da Estrela National Park, Portugal had been brought under control. However, officials warned a dangerous new heat wave was about to arrive. Meanwhile, at least two of the three occupants were killed following two planes collided in Nothern California, while attempting to land at a local airport on Thursday. 

Brazil President Incident With Heckler & Affidavit Supporting Trump Search Warrant

Brazil'S President,Jair Bolsonaro, briefly grappled with a heckler, and tried to snatch his phone on Thursday, underscoring possible challenges for the sometimes quick-tempered leader, to stay disciplined on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, a federal judge has ordered the justice department to put forward proposed redactions, as he committed to making public at least part of the affidavit supporting the search warrant for Former President Donald Trump's Estate in Florida.

War In Ukraine & Sudan Unrest

Turning on to Ukraine, where some residents in Berdyansk have been issued with Russian passports. Berdyansk is actually a region in Ukraine, but it has been occupied by russian troops since February 2022. Meanwhile, protesters took to the streets of khartoum on Thursday, the latest demonstration in a long string of protests, following the October military coup.

China - Taiwan Tensions

China's Military exercises that recently encircled Taiwan,highlight a fundamental challenge for the small self-ruled island, its forces are badly outmatched by Beijing's. To overcome the imbalance, the former head of Taiwan's Military proposes adopting a so-called porcupine defense strategy. VOA's Bill Gallo explains from Taipei.