Indonesian House Passes Jobs Creation Law

The Indonesian house of representatives passed the controversial jobs creation emergency law, Tuesday (21/3/2023). A bill that the government claims will help draw more investments into Indonesia.

The jobs creation emergency law has however, drawn criticism from many. Members of the PKS Party walked out of the plenary hearing, as the law was being passed.

Labor unions also strongly oppose it arguing it contains many articles that do not benefit workers. The articles on minimum wages for example, do not clarify what indexes can determine the value of minimum wages in each respective region, raising concerns over inaccurate calculations of minimum wages.

But in response, the Indonesian Government argue that the emergency law will help draw in more investors into Indonesia by providing more legal certainties on the business ecosystem. The government have created a special task force, that will explain the jobs creation law to the public.

Rubens Painting Expected To Sell For Up To USD30 Million

A masterpiece by flemish painter peter paul rubens will be sold at auction in May. Portrait of a man as mars  is expected to fetch between USD20-30 million.

Portrait of a man as mars by flemish painter peter paul Rubens was painted in antwerp around 1620. The painting will be sold at auction in New York in May.

Auction house sotheby's says it's the first time the artwork is back in Belgium after 200 years.

It's part of a collection owned by Mark Fisch and Rachel Davidson a couple of art collectors selling their artworks as part of their divorce.

The painting is going to have a world tour it will be presented in London later in the week then off to asia with hong kong Taipei  and then to Los Angeles.

Indonesia Sends Humanitarian Aid to Turkey, Syria

Indonesian Goverment dispatched another batch of humanitarian aid on Tuesday to support Turkiye and Syria following the deathly earthquakes.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo revealed that the government send another humanitarian assistance to quake victims in Turkiye and Syria.

Four planes have flown to both coutries carrying a total of 140 tons of food medicines and other loogistics.

On that occasion President Widodo stated that the government has sent indonesia's search and rescue team and medical team as well as hercules aircraft in order to support the evacuation process in quake-affected regions in Turkiye and Syria.

Indonesia-Saudi Arabia Relations

Faisal bin Abdullah Al Amudi just begun his duty as Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Indonesia and gave a special interview to Metro Globe Network on Tuesday in Jakarta a day after handing over his crecedence letter to Indonesia President Joko Widodo.

Putin Rages Against The West

Russian President Vladimir Putin started to deliver his long delayed state of the nation address on Tuesday. A speech many anticipate will set the tone for the year ahead and shed light on how the kremlin sees its invasion in Ukraine.

Putin traditionally addresses a large audience of lawmakers and state officials and the speech is broadcast by all Russian state tv channels.

While the constitution mandates that the president deliver the speech annually putin never gave one in 2022 as his troops rolled into ukraine and suffered repeated setbacks.

Now the address comes days before the first anniversary of the so-called "special military operation" on Friday.

President Jokowi Wants to Boost Car Exports

President Joko Widodo is inviting all from the automotive industry to boost export considering the fast growth of car sales in Indonesia, president jokowi also reminded players in the industry to pay attention and follow electric vehicle trends .

During the Indonesia International Motor Show 2023 held in Jakarta, President Jokowi said the year on year growth of the automotive industry is quite significant. In 2022 the industry grew 18 percent compared to the previous year. Car sales in 2022 recorded 1 million 48 thousand units and motorcycle sales recorded at 5 million 221 thousand units in 2 thousand 22 a 3 percent growth . And thus in tandem worsened traffic and congestion problems in many big cities in Indonesia.

Which is why President Widodo is asking all players in the automotive industry to orient their focus on export and to explore where the automotive industry trend is headed which is toward electric vehicles. 

Indonesian Gov's Efforts to Control Inflation

According to the coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto various strategies have been prepared by the government to control inflation. Especially with the upcoming ramadhan holidays among them by strengthening policies in maintaining macro stabilitand pushing indonesia's economic growth.

One aspect that the government will be focusing on is volatile food supply such as keeping rice commodity at a range of 3 to 5 percent. Therefore the government will strengthen food security with an allocated budget of Rp104,2 trillion  and to acceelrate implementation of food barns further developing cooperation between regions in Indonesia  as well as improving data on food availability.