Hongkong Ends Mandatory Hotel Quarantine

Hong Kong’s leader announced the city would no longer require incoming travelers to quarantine in designated hotels, as it seeks to remain competitive and open up globally after nearly two years. Now travelers into Hong Kong, will have to  only undergo 3 days of home monitoring.

Bangladesh Economy Under Severe Strain

Bangladesh's economy is under severe strain due to increased fuel prices by more than 50% last month, which has fueled protests over rising costs for food and other necessities.

TTWIG 20 Ministers Meeting

In a series of meetings with ministers of trade, investment, and industry from G20 countries, Indonesia has managed to secure 23 trade contracts with a total value of U$ 1 billion. 

Indonesia's Garbage Powered Stoves

The government's plan to replace subsidized gas canisters with electric stoves is part of Indonesia's push to reduce carbon emissions. But in some parts of Indonesia, like in Malang and East Java, residents have already replaced LPG gas stoves and are instead using methane as a source of energy derived from the garbage. 

Indonesian Soybean Prices Increase

In Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, the recent hike in subsidized fuel prices has impacted imported food commodities due to transportation and distribution costs. Imported soybean prices have increased, resulting in tofu and tempeh vendors reducing production, due to their inability to purchase larger quantities of imported soybeans.

Indonesia To Implement 5G Smart Mining, Production Will Increase By 25%

Indonesia is set to become the first country in Southeast Asia to implement 5G smart mining, which will be used in a Freeport mine in Papua. In smart mining, 5G telecoms networks will be used to operate autonomous mining vehicles, which can increase production by 25% and also reduce the risk of accidents involving workers.

Studi Celios Investor Ritel

The fast growth of domestic retail investors has been recorded at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, which is proportional to the increasing trend of transaction value and frequency at the stock exchange.