Indonesia accelerates clean energy transformation

Amid the dominance of fossil fuels and the issues of climate change, the UN Secretary General issued a global roadmap for countries to achieve energy access transformation by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

Impact of U.S Interest Rates on Indonesian Economy

The Federal Reserve has pushed efforts to tame high inflation by raising its key interest rates in the most aggressive manner since 1994. This is the largest rate hike in nearly three decades. Permata Bank's Chief Economist, Joshua Pardede, discusses how this impacts the Indonesian economy.

Impact of the Indonesia Parliament Reshuffle

On June 15, 2022, Indonesian President Joko Widodo reshuffled his cabinet and replaced the country's Minister of Trade. Indonesian financial market participants have dismissed the impact of the cabinet reshuffle, viewing it as a political move rather than one that benefits the Indonesian economy.

Germany Plans to Import Indonesian Coal

Germany is reportedly planning to import 150 million tons of coal from Indonesia to replace Russian coal exports, which made up a significant portion of Germany's coal supply.

Rooftop chili garden in Yogyakarta

In the midst of rising chili prices throughout Indonesia, a local Yogyakarta resident has created a chili plantation on his rooftop. 
The chilies he plants are then sold to neighbors at a much lower price.

Indonesian food commodity prices rising

Indonesia’s food prices are rising, especially cayenne pepper chillis, a staple condiment in Indonesian cuisine. 

Indonesia G20 Summit to use electric vehicles

The G20 summit in Indonesia later this year will use electric vehicles as the primary mode of transportation. 
Delegates attending the event in Bali will use electric cars and electric buses to travel throughout the summit.