To protect Rupiah, Indonesia will expand local currency settlements

To protect the Indonesian Rupiah from US dollar volatility, Indonesia's central bank, Bank Indonesia, plans to expand local currency settlements. 
By expanding local currency settlements, Indonesia will reduce its reliance on the US dollar by using more Rupiah in trade transactions with other countries.

Gov’t and Private Sector Boost Indonesia’s Digital Talent Pool

Indonesia currently has the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia, but it has the potential to grow even larger. But to reach that growth, the Indonesian government estimates that 600,000 new digital talents are needed every year.

This is not an easy task, but the government and private sector are working together to close the gap. Metro Globe’s Krishna Sam and Sofie Almahmud has more.

Indonesia-Singapore Business Forum

Hundreds of high-level government officials, academics, and business leaders gathered in Singapore for the Indonesia-Singapore business forum. The forum discussed the latest developments regarding Indonesia's G-20 presidency, as well as Indonesian investment in the clean energy, digital, and health sectors.

Indonesian President Prioritizes Spending on Domestic Goods

Indonesian President Joko Widodo presided over the national government's internal control meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta. President Widodo stressed during the meeting that the government's spending must prioritize the purchase of locally made products.

Indonesian Cabinet Reshuffle, June 15 2022

Indonesian President Joko Widodo reshuffled his cabinet ministers on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. He appointed a new Trade Minister and a new Minister of Spatial Planning.

Indonesia-Singapore Business Forum

On Tuesday (14/6), the Indonesian embassy in Singapore hosted the Indonesia-Singapore business forum. A number of investment deals were signed, while Indonesia also showcased the latest achievements from its G20 presidency. Metro Globe's Mercy Widjaja reported live from Singapore.

Indonesia Raise Non-Subsidized Electricity Tariffs

Starting from July 1st, 2022, the Indonesian government intends to raise electricity tariffs. The electricity tariff increase, however, will only affect non-subsidized electricity users.