Coal Price Projected to Remain High for the next 2 to 3 Years

The price of coal is projected to remain high for the next two to three years amid geopolitical tensions and global economic recovery efforts. For example, many European countries are now switching back to coal due to Russia threatening to cut energy supplies. Despite this, many coal industry players say they are committed to reducing carbon emissions.

Conversion To Induction Stove Trial Run

To accelerate the conversion to induction stoves, the Indonesian state owned electricity company (PLN) and the government have begun planning the conversion program. Bali is one of the area chosen for a trial run and since march this year, pln have distributed induction stoves to parts of Bali like south and west Denpasar.

Indonesia Retail Investors Increase

Financial technology will continue to play a key role in enhancing financial inclusion and digital transformation in Indonesia. The Indonesian stock exchange recorded an increase of 25.2% year-on-year retail investors as of august 2022 and most of the individual investors are millennials.

Pertamina Take Over 35% Masela Gas Project

The Indonesian government is urging the Indonesia investment authority and state oil company, Pertamina to take over 35% stake of the Masela gas project,  which were previously owned by shell.

Investments in Indonesia's New Capital City Nusantara

The Indonesian Ministry of Investments, claimed that more and more investors from various countries have expressed their interest in investing in the development of Indonesia's new capital city Nusantara.