Indonesian Government’s Plan To Increase Electrification Ratio By 2025

The Indonesian government is accelerating the process to increase the electrification ratio in isolated areas through state equity participation, up to IDR 5 trillion to the state owned electricity company (PLN). The capital will go towards building power grids throughout Indonesia, to pursue electrification ratio up to 100% by 2025.

G20: “Food Supply Is A Human Right That Must Be Fulfilled”

The G20 agriculture ministers meeting officially begin on Tuesday and will last until Thursday this week. Indonesia's minister of agriculture, Syahrul Yasin Limpo,  said that amidst the discussions, G20 delegates are affirming that adequate food supplies is a human right that must be fulfilled.

PLN’s Electric Stove Distribution Project Cancelled

Indonesia's state owned electricity company (PLN) officially stated that they will cancel the conversion program to use electric stoves.

Indonesia Retail Investors Increase

The fast growth of domestic retail investors has been recorded at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, which is proportional to the increasing trend of transaction value and frequency at the stock exchange.

UK Rising Costs Pushes Favors for EV Vehicles

One of the biggest persuasive factor favoring electric vehicles, over combustion cars is the cheaper running cost, electricity consumption has always cost a fraction of petrol or diesel, until now.

Inflation Impacts Indonesia's Logistics Sector

The subsidized fuel price hikes in Indonesia has mow impacted the logistics sectors. Companies are now trying to find solutions to ensure their company is able to withstand the rising prices amid inflation. 

Indonesian Start-Ups Struggle As Layoffs Continue

The wave of layoffs and collapse in start-up companies is continuing as this phenomenon came to the attention of president Joko Widodo, who asked start-ups to carefully look at market needs and run their businesses carefully.