Survivor Found in Hatay, 261 Hours After Quake

More than 10 days after a powerful earthquake struck Turkiye and Syria, rescuers have overnight pulled out a child, a woman and two men alive from the wreckage. Footage via Turkish Broadcaster Iha, shows survivor mustafa avci being rescued from under the rubble in the Turkish city of hate after 261 hours.

Avci's brother was elated to discover the survival of his brother, nearly two weeks after the quake, as the two siblings were seen speaking on the phone. The latest rescues came as crews began clearing up debris in Turkish cities, devastated by the 7,8 magnitude earthquake.

Separately, a 29-year old mother was also rescued from the rubble in Kahraman-maras after being trapped for 258 hours. in the city of Antakaya, rescue crews found a 12-year-old child alive after retrieving 17 bodies from a collapsed building, 260 hours after the quake.

The Turkish disaster management agency has updated the death toll in Turkiye to 38,044, raising the overall number of fatalities in both turkiye and Syria to 41,732.

'Blue' Performs in Jakarta for Valentine's Day

British Boyband Blue celebrated Valentines Day in Jakarta, performing at the concert "Blue Romantic Valentine" which is part of their 'Heart and Soul Tour' which commerates the groups 20th anniversary.

At the Grand Ballroom of The Pullman Central Park Hotel in Jakarta. Members Lee Ryan, Simon Webbe, Duncan James and Antony Costa, brought their fans a sense of nostalgia of the early 2000s.

They sang their greatest hits "One Love", "All Rise", "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" and added songs from their new album "Heart and Soul".

Indonesia's Cargo Plane Conducts Humanitarian Works

A Hercules Cargo Plane owned by the Indonesian air force has been helping humanitarian aid distributions to earthquake-affected areas in Turkiye since its arrival in the country.

The cargo plane, belonging to Indonesia's air squadron 32 of the air force, based in Malang is carrying out its humanitarian mission in Turkiye under mission Commander Colonel Wisoko. So far, it has sent logistics to several locations in Turkiye in coordination with the Turkish air force.

Besides humanitarian aid, the cargo plane also carried earthquake victims who were evacuated from the quake-affected areas to safer locations. The cargo plane is expected to conduct its disaster relief efforts in Turkiye until February 20.

Israel Demolishes West Bank Home of Palestinian Attacker

Israeli forces on Thursday demolished the home of the Palestinian man behind a deadly shooting in the occupied West Bank, as tensions surge in the region over the Israeli government's policies and continued bloodshed. The Israeli military said the demolition was carried out after an Israeli court rejected appeals to spare the residence.

The home in the flashpoint West Bank City of Hebron was demolished in a controlled explosion. A flash and then grey tufts of smoke were seen emerging from the apartment in the early morning hours.

Israel says home demolitions are meant to deter future attackers, but critics say they amount to collective punishment against the families of assailants and only exacerbate tensions with Palestinians.

In the fatal shooting incident last year, Muhammed Kamel al-Jabari opened fire at the entrance to an Israeli settlement in the occupied west bank, killing an Israeli man and wounding several civilians before a security guard shot him dead.

The demolition comes as unrest has been roiling the region for months. Israel has been conducting near-nightly arrest raids in the West Bank, which were prompted by a spate of Palestinian attacks against Israelis last spring.

First Trailer for 'Air' With Ben Affleck & Matt Damon

In our top entertainment news tonight : 

The first trailer for 'Air' with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Viola Davis while Owen Wilson channels 'Happy Little Trees' artist Bob Ross in a new movie.

And at "Star Trek: Picard" premiere, Patrick Stewart assures that the cast is not written out of it.

Malaysian PM Urges ASEAN to Take New Measure to Myanmar Ruler

While in Bangkok in a meeting with Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan Ocha, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim urged fellow member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to take new measures in pressuring military-ruled Myanmar to end what he called the Junta's "Atrocities" against its own people.

Four Killed in Explosion at Industrial Zone in Kyiv

At least four people were killed while five other people were injured in an explosion that hit a former factory at an industrial zone in Kyiv, Ukraine, Thursday (9/2/2023). 

Kyiv emergency service said about 10 people were believed to have been inside the building when the explosion happened. Soon after the explosion, a bulldozer cleared rubble and debris and rescuers searched for victims.

Kyiv emergency service said there are still people under the rubble and there was a fire in the building. But now the fire in the building has been extinguished. An early investigation shows that the explosion happened inside this one-story building. 

But authorities stiill investigating the cause of the blast with some unconfirmed reports suggesting a gas canister blew up.