Ex-Soviet Union's Military Drill

A large-scale of military drill, led by Russia, is joined by ex-soviet countries. The drill responds the situation in Afghanistan, after Taliban takeover.

Footage of Last Thylacine in Captivity

Thylacines were the largest known carnivorous marsupial in the world and were officially extinct in the 1930s. Newly colourised footage of the last tasmanian tiger in captivity was published on Tuesday on the 85th anniversary of his death.

12 Pro-Democracy Activists Plead Guilty

A dozen of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists on Thursday pleaded guilty for participating and inciting others to take part in a 2020 unauthorized candlelight vigil, to mark the bloody Tiananmen square crackdown.

Blinken Calls on Taliban

US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken is seeking to boost international diplomatic efforts regarding Afghanistan by co-hosting a ministerial meeting in Germany, following the chaotic end of America's 20-year presence in the country.

Hezbollah Attempts to Profit from Energy Crisis

The latest sign of Lebanon's economic collapse is a fuel crisis that has paralyzed the country. Now, the militant group Hezbollah has announced that it will import fuel from Iran, a move that may cause more problems than it solves.

Afghanistan New Cabinet Pays Homage to Old Guard

The Taliban on Tuesday announced a caretaker cabinet that paid homage to the old guard of the group, giving top posts to Taliban personalities, who dominated the 20-year battle against the US-led coalition and its Afghan government allies.

Russia Casts Pragamtic Eye on Taliban

In the aftermath of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, Russia is looking south with a wary eye to see how it can benefit from a situation fraught with both opportunity and risk.