Saudi Arabia Bus Accident, 20 Killed & 29 Injured

At least 20 people were killed when a packed bus hit a bridge overturned and burst into flames in Southwestern Saudi Arabia on Monday.

Al-Ekhbariya tv said, 29 other people were injured in the crash which occurred when the vehicle’s brakes failed in Southwestern Asir Province, bordering Yemen.

The accident took place during the first week of Ramadan when the faithful fast from dawn to dusk. Many people travel to enjoy nightly feasts with family and friends during the Muslim holy month.

South Korean Actor Yoo Ah-in Questioned Over Illegal Drug Use

South Korean Actor Yoo Ah-In comments after police questioning over illegal drug use, while Korean Rockstar Løren on performing in the US producing for Blackpink and his debut EP 'put up a fight'.

Heavy Rains Flooded the Streets of Najaf in Southern Iraq

Heavy rains flooded the streets of Najaf in Southern Iraq on Sunday. Cars shops and workplaces were submerged in water because of the unexpected downpour.

Several families were forced to leave their homes in the al ameer neighborhood which was worst hit by the flood. 

No casualties have been reported so far due to the floods. 

Fuel Tanker Caught Fire: 14 Crew Survived, 2 Bodies Found, 1 Crew Missing

A search and rescue team on Monday found two bodies of crews of fuel Shipping Tanker MT Kristin from the ship wreckage in the water in Indonesia's West Nusa Tenggara.

The tanker caught on fire on Sunday afternoon in Ampenan Water, West Nusa Tenggara when approaching the anchorage. The ship was shipping 5.900-kilo-liter fuel to West Nusa Tenggara from Java when it caught on fire. 14 crews survived, two bodies were found and one crew is still reported missing.

The tanker is owned by a private company and rented by a subsidiary firm of Indonesia's state-run oil and gas company Pertamina.

FIFA Cancels U-20 World Cup Drawing

Indonesia's national football association, PSSI informed that FIFA has canceled the U20 World Cup Drawing in Bali this month although the global football federation has yet to send an official letter to PSSI about it. 

Member of the PSSI Executive Committee, Arya Sinulingga disclosed the information during a press conference at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta on Sunday.  

According to Arya, the drawing event for the U20 world cup was scheduled to take place in Bali on March 31. However, Bali provincial government has expressed its refusal of welcoming Israel's national team which led to that part of the event being canceled.

Arya Sinulingga mentioned that the association understood that it is hard to separate politics from sports. Hence the head of PSSI, Erick Thohir will work with the foreign affairs minister to handle the aspects of diplomacy and foreign affairs as well as with the youth and sports ministry as the host of the U20 world cup he pointed out.

He also said that Thohir would report the latest situation to President Joko Widodo so they can work to resolve the issues. Thohir also expected to communicate with FIFA to seek for the best solution Sinulingga mentioned. 

He affirmed that PSSI has talked to the Bali administration about the decision. However, PSSI respects the province's decision.

This issue could put Indonesia at risk of being sanctioned by FIFA he said, because Indonesia has already offered itself to host the competition thus it is committed to bearing all the consequences that come with it Sinulingga explained. 

He stressed that if Indonesia fails to meet the expectations then it has already violated the agreements which have been made. 

Zebra Escape From Seoul Zoo

A young zebra walked, trotted, and galloped for hours in the busy streets of South Korea’s capital before emergency workers tranquilized the animal and brought it back to a zoo.

The zebra, a male named Sero that was born in the zoo in 2021, was in stable condition and being examined by veterinarians as of Thursday (23/3/2023) evening, said Choi Ye-ra an official at the children’s grand park in Seoul.

She said the zoo was investigating how the zebra managed to escape. She didn’t immediately confirm media reports that the animal partially destroyed the wooden fencing surrounding its pen before busting out around 2:50 PM.

Police and emergency workers managed to corner the zebra after it entered a narrow alleyway, between houses and shot it with tranquilizers, ending its three hours of freedom.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage caused by the zebra running loose.

Korean Peninsula Tensions

In Korean Peninsula, military tensions are at a high point, as the pace of both North Korean weapons tests, and US-South Korean joint military exercises, has accelerated in the past year in a cycle of tit-for-tat responses. 

North Korean state television early on Friday (24/3/2023), showed images of missile launches, reporting that they took place earlier this week from 21-23 March. 

That coincides with the last time South Korean authorities said they detected the north launching missiles.

The korean central news agency said, Pyongyang launched four "Strategic Cruise Missiles" and also deployed an "Underwater Nuclear Attack Drone." 

It also reported,  that Leader Kim Jong Un said, the drills showed that Pyongyang's "Nuclear war deterrence capability is being bolstered up at a greater speed."

South Korea's Air Force released details of a five-day joint aerial drill with the United States,  hours after North Korea claimed it had tested a nuclear-capable underwater drone, designed to generate a gigantic radioactive tsunami,  that would destroy naval strike groups and ports.

The five-day joint drill with the United States began monday and concluded friday above waters off South Korea's western coast and included live-fire demonstrations of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

The air force said the exercise involved various South Korean fighter jets and at least one US. A-10 attack plane.