Term of Service

Metro Globe Network


is an English language news channel based in Jakarta. We committed on providing impactful and influential news and current affairs content. We are part of Media Group News, a trusted publication media ecosystem in Indonesia. We have a very important role to play in strengthening Indonesia and represent Indonesia's position as one of economic global power country. With tagline CAPTURE TOWARDS FUTURE, Metro Globe Network will uncover every possibility and opportunities in Indonesia by comprehensive information that can be used as a primary reference in decision making.


The Identity


- Act as a channel that will introduce the beauty and potential of Indonesia to the world.


- Become Indonesia's public relations platform to introduce itself to the world.


The Concept


The channel will be a 24 hours microscope to Indonesia and world affairs, and it will take the viewers into a worldwide journey round the clock.




The program and production model will be dominated by news bulletin, documentary, and talk show.


The production team are about to exhaust sources like wire services and materials coming from content exchange cooperation.